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10 reasons why you should experience Vegas for yourself

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Because we can’t tell you what happened in Vegas, we can recommend experiences that are really worth it.

1. Poolparty

The biggest hotels in Vegas organize the best outdoor parties. The pool turns into an exclusive private beach, while DJs from all over the world provide great music. Put on the bathing suit, get a delicious cocktail and let the unforgettable party begin!

2. Grand Canyon and national parks

Las Vegas is located near a national park. So take a walk through the nearby natural beauties. A few hours drive away is the Grand Canyon, one of the greatest natural wonders on our planet, and other photogenic landscapes.

3. Take a picture at the sign – Welcome to Las Vegas

It is the duty of every visitor to take a photo at the world-famous sign indicating that you are entering Sin City.

4. Stroll the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is a few miles long and lined on both sides with hotels, casinos, and other attractions. Everyone can find something for themselves here and you certainly won’t be bored.

5. Feast like Americans

In America everything is huge and restaurants are no exception. Most hotels offer megalomaniac buffet tables serving delicacies from around the world.

6. Experience the Cirque du Soleil

What the performers from Cirque de Soleil can do is incredible. Their achievements have exceeded the limits of physics. The artists hover above your heads for a while or climb to unbelievable heights. The atmosphere is accompanied by a live band with excellent music and moving singing. In addition to beautiful, colorful costumes, Cirque de Soleil is a breathtaking show where anything is possible.

7. Night clubs

Las Vegas is a top nightlife destination. Its nightclubs regularly invite the best DJs from around the world.

8. Adrenaline attractions

Are you yearning for some real fun? Meet the Stratosphere Tower. The tower with a height of 350 meters ensures maximum adrenaline and great views.

9. Casinos

Try your luck in the gambling capital. In Las Vegas you have a million options if you want to try your luck and gamble for big bucks.

10. Luxury hotels

Vegas has it all – the Eiffel Tower, Caesars Palace, the Pyramids, New York and so much more. Even luxury hotels for little money.

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