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10 reasons why you should visit Rome

Rome, also known as the “Eternal City”, offers something for everyone. History, shopping, good food, romance and above all historic sights. In our article you will find 10 reasons why you should visit this unique city.

Sights, sights, sighst

Rome is a very photogenic city, mainly thanks to the large number of its historical monuments that you will encounter everywhere. One of the most famous is the Colosseum, which in the past was very popular not only for theatrical performances but also for brutal gladiator fights. Don’t miss the famous Spanish Steps, which offer you an oasis to relax after walking around the city. Then continue to the Trevi Fountain. According to legend, throwing coins over your right shoulder into the Trevi Fountain brings you good luck. If you throw a single coin, you will return to Rome.


Visit the city within a city. The Vatican is the center of the Christian world, but with its atmosphere knocks anyone out. The smallest capital in the world attracts tourists not only for its historical buildings, like the Basilica of St. Peter or the Sistine Chapel, but also for its dark secrets, safely hidden from the world behind the walls.

Best ice cream in town

The Romans are simply masters of the craft. Visit Giolitti, the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome. Founded in 1890 by Giuseppe and Bernardina Giolitti, you can get there after a short walk from the famous Pantheon. It is interesting that even today the company is run by the same family. Visit it and let yourself be surprised what you can do with ice cream!

in vino veritas

Strolling through the historical center you will surely come across wine bars where you can taste the best wines from all over Italy. The local wine cellars have an indescribable atmosphere that creates a great vibe whether you visit with friends or your better half. And where else can you plan your next steps in discovering Rome if not over a glass of good wine?


Would you like something tasty? Visit the local market and try the freshest fruit, vegetables or homemade products from local farmers. Visit the Campo dei Fiori market, which has been visited by the locals since 1869, making it the oldest and most popular market in all Rome. If you want to buy vintage pieces, visit the Porta Portese Flea Market on Sunday.

Roman underworld

Do you like secrets and mysteries? If you want to be scared, go straight to the catacombs, which form a network of corridors just below the streets of Rome. The catacombs were built in the 3rd century and you will not only find the bones of the dead people there, but also the foundations of ancient buildings and beautiful murals. The most famous are San Callisto, San Sebastiano or Domitilla, which are an incredible 15 kilometers long.

Cruise on the Tiber

Get to know the historic city center from a different perspective and relax. Dozens of boats sail along the Tiber every day, which can make hot summer days more comfortable. You can choose from evening cruises with excellent dinner and live music right on the boat. Can you count all the bridges you drive under?


Rome is the center of many fashion designers of the most expensive brands. Go straight to Via Condotti and let yourself be enchanted by the latest fashion trends from brands like Gucci, Armani or Prada. If you want to shop here, take the best credit card with you. Remember, window shopping is for free. Take a look at the beautiful store windows, get inspired and with a bit of luck you will also meet Italian celebrities.

Night life

The fact that the sun sets in Rome doesn’t matter. Put on your best clothes and head to the local bars or discos to have fun. There are a surprising number of options here and everyone will find exactly what they are looking for. Lovers of top gastronomy should visit the Aroma restaurant, which has even been awarded a Michelin star and offers an impressive view of the Colosseum.

Tours to the surroundings

There is always something going on in Rome and there is always something to discover. Therefore, it seems unnecessary to travel outside of the city. However, sometimes it is very pleasant to change surroundings and get to know the surroundings of the city. During the summer you may be tempted by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, nearby Naples for excellent pizza, or even Pompeii with its famous history. If you are looking for a bigger challenge, you can climb the crater of Vesuvius.

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