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10 TOP new things you can experience in Dubai

What’s new in Dubai? If you though that the City of Superlatives cannot come up with any more new ideas,  you’ve been wrong. Dubai never sleeps and never stops surprising with novel ideas and sites that make every visit there a unique experience. This year have been added the biggest and tallest observation wheel as well as the terrific deepest dive pool in the world with a whole underwater city and the world’s highest infinity pool offering unbelievable views of the amazing skyline. Just come experience these unforgettable activities with us.

1 Museum of the Future

This jewel measures 77 meters and is a kind of architectural wonder that tells the story of the future through a series of interactive exhibitions. The Museum of the Future invites people to experience the technologies and trends that will shape the future of humanity. With an area of ​​30,000 square meters, the building without columns also represents a new global intellectual center. It is a “living laboratory” designed to support innovation, stimulating a new era of scientific discovery in the region and beyond.

2. Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai is the newest attraction on the long list of Dubai’s world records. It is situated on Bluewaters Island and stands 250 meters tall.  So, it’s the highest and biggest attraction of its kind in the whole world. The observation wheel in Dubai has an impressive construction – each of its support legs measures 126 meters and can accommodate as many as 15 London’s red buses. Its weight equals to that of four Airbuses A380. When buying a ticket, visitors can choose from three options: an observation cabin, a social experience cabin and a private cabin. For a luxuriously exclusive experience, you can choose a private cabin customized for a dinner or extravagant party or family celebration. 

3. Address Beach Resort

This new resort of Dubai is 300 meters from Marina Beach.  It is an award winning building due to its unique design. The resort has two towers with 77 stories connected by a sky bridge. Besides beautiful units and an excellent restaurant, it features a rooftop infinity pool located 294 meters above the sea, in fact, the world’s highest infinity pool. The sweeping views of the Bluewaters Island, Dubai Eye, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina will leave you speechless.

Source: Address Beach Resort

4. Deep Dive Dubai

Dubai already has its tallest skyscraper and shopping mall. This time around, its latest record-breaking feat is the worlds deepest diving facility. It is 60 meters deep and is part of the Deep Dive Dubai attraction. It broke the record kept by Poland with its 45-meter deep diving pool. This new extraordinary indoor pool is filled with 14 million liters of water, the equivalent of about six Olympic-sized swimming pools.  It has become the Guinness World Record holder as the deepest diving pool in the world. For now, it is only open for invited guests, but later this year it is expected to become accessible for the general public. One of its first visitors was the Prince of Dubai.

5. Infinity Des Lumiéres

Also the new art center in Dubai’s mall smells of newness. It has on display some of the most renowned works of art in the world. By entering the exhibition hall, people literally become part of the very works of art.  Already the impressive facade of the venue, featuring 379 images, will overwhelm you. To maximize the experience, music is played from 58 speakers, and 130 projectors transmit moving images.

6. La Casa Del Tango

The mission of La Casa Del Tango is to promote Argentinian culture and provide an authentic experience to the guests. It provides joy through Argentinian dance, food, music, and fashion. Enjoy luxurious dining and immerse yourself in the sensuous tango dance creations of the performers.

7. Trident Tower, Aquaventure

Aquaventure is the best rated water park with waterslides and attractions ranking among the best in the world. Kids and grown-ups, young and old, big and small alike will definitely enjoy the experience. In 2020, the park gained on its prestige when the 34-metre tall Trident Tower with 12 incredible new slides became its part.

8. ROLLDXB, Mina Rashid

For months, locals and tourists alike had been waiting for the opening of this retro space for skaters with style. Rolldxb hosts skater discos, derbies, hokey games, and ramp skating events. You can bring your own skates or rent everything on site. On offer are also private and group lessons.

9. Brass Monkey

From 12 bowling lanes, to VR racing car simulators and the best games arcade in Dubai, Brass Monkey is the ultimate hangout where you can find entertainment for both kids and grown-ups.

10. The View at the Palm

At 240 meters high, The View on level 52 of the iconic Palm Tower offers panoramic, 360-degree views of Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf and other iconic landmarks of Dubai from the outside deck and exclusive salon.  The building also features The View Exhibition, a tribute to the vision and creativity of Palm Jumeirah. Enjoy the interactive aquarium tunnels and floor mapping, and explore the history behind this world-famous landmark.

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