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5 reasons why you would be enchanted by Copenhagen

Surprising, artistic, experimental and cosmopolitan. The Danish capital is full of cafes, culture and history. Thanks to its location on the coast, it is called the Venice of the North. Hans Christian Andersen discovered Copenhagen as a 14-year-old boy full of dreams and was buried here at the age of 70 as an internationally recognized and louded poet. In Copenhagen you can find not only its fairytale soul, but also the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid, which has become the symbol of the city. The following points determine the atmosphere. Welcome to wonderful Copenhagen!

1. City beach

The beach may not be what you imagine Copenhagen to be. However, not far from the city center you will find one of the most pleasant places in the Danish metropolis that you will surely fall in love with. The Amager Beach Park with the largest 4.6 km long bathing beach in Copenhagen is a protected local recreation area. This park is popular all year round. Active relaxation or lounging? Everybody will find something for himself/herself. However, the temperature of the water may not meet your expectations.

2. Eating as a performance

Copenhagen’s gastronomic reputation has experienced a renaissance in the last decade. For example, visit the restaurant called The owner Mette Martinussen decided to turn a luxury apartment into a culinary experience. Here you will experience something between a posh party and a live performance. First mix your drink in the retro salon, watch the chef and his team at work and end up enjoying a delicious meal. Order pork with horseradish mousse and seaweed or beetroot and enjoy licorice ice cream for dessert.

3. Design as a passion

Passion or obsession? Nowhere is the positive relationship with design more evident than at a shop called Illums Bolighus. This historic shop in Denmark’s capital looks more like a gallery. Every item, from the lamp to the coffee table, is displayed here as a museum piece. If you’ve never fallen in love with designer hangers or cutlery, you’ve probably never visited this store before.

4. Hygge as a way of life

A word between coziness, friendliness and comfort. Hygge is a difficult word to translate, you just have to experience it. The coastal district of Nyhavn is an ideal starting point for exploring the meaning of the word. Take a sunrise stroll along the waterfront, sit in one of the bistros in the square and enjoy tea with local pastries. With the sunset, hug your loved one and hide from the evening cold under the patio heater. Or spend the evening under the low ceilings of the basement bars while the fire crackles. There you will most likely experience the essence of the word hygge.

5. Copenhagen = cycling

No wonder Copenhagen is often called as one of the greenest cities in the world. The local residents, who simply use bicycles instead of cars, contribute to this. With plenty of bike paths and straight paths, this place is a paradise for anyone who likes to feel the pedals under their feet. If you want to be a part of Danish culture, don’t forget to ride a bike! Leave your bike at home and visit

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