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9 reasons to visit the beautiful Paphos

Cyprus is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Most vacationist come here mainly because of the sun and beautiful beaches, but in Paphos, for example, you can experience much more. So why Paphos?

1. Ideal weather

If you are going to Cyprus, you will experience beautiful and sunny weather almost constantly, but the most favorable period is, of course, from early June to late September. At that time you will be greeted by temperatures above 30 degrees and the sea will also be very pleasantly warm, sometimes up to 28 degrees. An average of 10 to 12 hours of sunshine a day is a great statistic, what do you say?

2. Long beaches

The most popular beach in Paphos is Alykes Beach. You will come across hotels, bars and a party here and there. A wide range of water sports await active people, especially in the high season. As usual, parasailing or inflatable banana riding is also popular. If you find this beach too crowded and you want more space, there is, for example, a slightly quieter place called Kissonerga Bay.

3. Family or couple?

It doesn’t matter that much in Cyprus. In Paphos and the surrounding area, not only children are entertained, but also parents who are looking for a break from children or couples, who in turn are looking for some fun. Aphrodite Aquapark is popular, where children will enjoy a lot of fun. If, on the other hand, you want to cheer up a little differently than in the water, head to the nearby city zoo. It is home to more than 200 species of birds, among which predators in particular stand out. For those who don’t just want to stay on the beach and want to see other areas of Cyprus – rent a scooter and go as far as possible ????

4. Discovering the island

Whether you come here during the summer or off-season, Paphos and its surroundings will also capture you with their breathtaking natural scenery. Therefore, do not hesitate and set aside a day or two for hiking in the area. If you take hiking seriously, you should definitely visit the Troodos Mountains. You will find admirable views of the forests and you can even go skiing here in winter!

5. Food and drink

It is full of traditional dishes. The local cuisine is inspired by Greek cuisine, which we generally consider one of the most delicious in the world. However, the Cypriots revived it a bit with their local herbs and spices. Therefore, do not be afraid to go to the market and taste what the locals offer. The traditional food is “Meze”, which you will find in almost every tavern. Meze is actually a mix of different flavors, mostly meat or fish, and as a side dish you will find various salads, variations of potatoes and eggs or even humus and tarmmasalata.

The “Halloumi” cheese prepared on the grill is also a local specialty. There is nothing better for a good meal than excellent Cypriot wine. Thanks to the almost constantly shining sun and the air blowing from the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is an ideal place for wine growing. For example, rose wine from higher areas of the island is popular. Cyprus and Paphos are not just kebabs and ouzo.

6. Combination of beach and city

Paphos is a great combination of lounging on the beach, but also a really rich cultural life. This city was declared a European cultural city in 2017. On the other hand, there are also concerts or festivals in the open air, and Paphos is one of the few Cypriot cities where “it really lives”.

7. Monuments

The city is known for its dozens of archaeological treasures. If you want to learn about history a little more than the museum tells you, you should definitely not miss the Kato Archaeological Park with its ancient villas and ancient Rome, or the smaller medieval city castle, which was rebuilt into its current form by the Ottomans. In the past, it functioned not only as a salt warehouse, but also as a prison. Fascinating places are also the Aphrodite’s Shrine from 12 BC. or Column of St. Paul, who was tied to him and beaten for spreading Christianity on the island.

8. Friendly people

Cypriots are generally very friendly people. When they see that you are lost, they will be very happy to advise you, or at least cheer you up, and make your wandering around the city or island more pleasant. The word “hospitality” is called “philoksenia” in Greek. “Filos” means friend and “ksenos” means tourist or guest. So their friendliness stems directly from their native language.

9. A place for cat lovers

The whole Cyprus, and therefore Paphos, is flooded with cats. They walk up and down all day, look adorable, and if you don’t watch your dinner, they’ll steal it straight from your plate. On the other hand, who would blame these fury balls?

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