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Bali guide: we have cheap flights from Budapest and tips on accommodation and activities

Bali is a beautiful island of Indonesia, which stands out for its beautiful beaches, nature and culture. For many travelers, it is one of the most beautiful places they have ever visited. It offers beautiful places and also experiences of a lifetime. Many places will make you feel like you are in paradise. Waterfalls hidden in the heart of nature, rice paddies, palm trees and nature trails. Black but also white sand. Big waves and calm waters. Bali has every type of beach you can imagine. If you’re one of those who love to explore culture, you’ll be in the right place. Indonesia has a very strong traditional culture. Here you will find a large number of temples, statues or sacred altars. Bali will also amaze you with its gastronomy. Try the typical Nasi Goreng, Sate (various types of meat and fish on a wooden stick) or Laklak (traditional rice cake). There is no reason not to visit this Indonesian paradise.

From where? With whom? When? Tips for flights to Bali

Where from? You can get there from Vienna, London (LHR, LGW), Paris (CDG), Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, Copenhagen, Zurich, Madrid

With whom? British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Turkish airlines, Finnair, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad

When? We recommend you choose spring or autumn (May, June, September). Airfares and accommodation are more affordable than in summer, it doesn’t rain and Bali is not crowded. Of course you can also go to Bali in summer or winter, but expect higher prices (summer) or occasional rain (winter).

What’s included? The flight there and back, all taxes, hand luggage and checked-in luggage.

Cheap flights to Bali

Accommodation in Bali: experience local accommodation with locals, but also luxury hotels for a few euros

The island of Bali is really diverse when it comes to accommodation prices. You’ll find the cheapest overnight stays in tourist hostels, private villas for rent, as well as luxury hotel resorts with swimming pools. The average price for one per night is around €10 to €25.

As in any exotic destination, you can stay in Bali at great prices. Check prices and book a hotel through Pelican. Find accommodation tips on this handy map:

What do I need to enter Bali?

  • For Bali you need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your return.
  • A vaccinated person must present a vaccination certificate when entering the country. A negative PCR test result is not required.
  • Quarantine is not required for a fully vaccinated person who has achieved full vaccination at least 14 days prior to travel. Other persons must undergo a 5-day quarantine. For foreign nationals under 18 years of age, the length of quarantine of their parents or guardians shall apply.
  • The wearing of the veil has been cancelled in outdoor areas. It remains compulsory in all indoor areas, including means of transport.
  • Visa

As a condition of entry into the country, you also need to show proof of booking and payment for accommodation during your stay in Indonesia.

What to do, see and experience in Bali?

1. Ubud is the heart of Bali

Originally a small and sleepy town, Ubud has become the cultural hub of the island thanks to the artists who settled here in the past. Today, Ubud is full of galleries, restaurants, bars, authentic hotels and, it has to be said, tourists.

Despite this, you’ll feel very relaxed here. Ubud is not as tourist-crowded as Kuta, for example, and that’s why it has its unmistakable charm. I personally consider it the heart of Bali. It captures its rich culture and I definitely recommend you to set aside at least one day for this place.

2. Morning coffee in Tegallalang

The rice terraces in Tegallalang are very close to Ubud. If you rent a scooter, you’re here once or twice. And we recommend coming here very early in the morning, when you can enjoy your coffee in one of the many cafes with a view without the crowds of tourists.

Surely take a walk in the rice fields and of course respect the locals and their privacy. Many of the paths go through the land of the locals and they ask for a few coins here and there, so keep that in mind and don’t be angry with them. They are all great people.

3. Sunrise on Batur volcano

Sunrise on Batur volcano (1717 m) is definitely one of the most beautiful experiences in Bali. And that’s even if the weather doesn’t quite work out for you. I recommend doing it exclusively with a guide, otherwise you may get into unpleasant conflicts with the locals. If you arrange such a trip at your hotel, they will arrange an early morning transfer, a guide, breakfast and a snack for the trip. With good visibility, you’ll be treated to an amazing natural spectacle.

On the other side pf Batur, there is also an active volcano Agung (3142 m) and the highest mountain in Bali. Its eruption in the past has caused many problems for the locals and also threatens the island’s air traffic. At the time of my visit in March 2019, hiking to the volcano was forbidden, otherwise you can easily get there with a guide. That is, especially if you’re in good shape.

4. Sacred temples with and without skirts

I can’t guess the number of temples in Bali, but it must be enough for you that there are a lot of them. Pura Luhur Uluwatu is a sea temple located at the very southern tip of Bali. It’s a vast temple complex, with amazing views of the huge cliffs all around, and you’ll enjoy it in a special outfit – they put a skirt on you when you enter.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is not a random combination of words, but a magnificent temple complex in the northern part of the island on Lake Beratan. You can see it after visiting one of the volcanoes – Batur or Agung, for example.

One of the most famous places in all of Bali is definitely the Pura Tanah Lot temple. The sea temple lies 30km west of Denpasar and is built on a cliff about 20 metres off the coast. From the mainland it has a beautiful view, especially during sunset.

5. Swimming under the waterfall is a mass event, but it’s worth it

All of Bali’s beautiful waterfalls are located mostly in the northern part of the island. You can visit almost all of them on your own and you don’t need a guide. You can even swim under some of them and there will almost certainly be plenty of other people there with you.

Among the most beautiful are Tegunungan, Nung Nung and Sekumpul. Each one will also take you through the Balinese wilderness, you’ll run up hundreds of stairs, but none of them will leave you dry. Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes in your backpack.

6. The most beautiful beaches in Bali

Kuta, Seminyak, Dreamland. Of course, there are many more and everyone will like their own. Plus, if you’re surfing or just about to start, there are several ideal spots in Bali.

7. Nusa Penida: island of adventure

Set aside at least one day on Nusa Penida. It’s said to look exactly like Bali did about 30 years ago. You can buy a day trip at the hotel with a transfer to the port and a speedboat to the island. If you can choose a chauffeured trip on the island, do so. The roads on Nusa Penida are in extremely poor condition, and you can quite easily get seriously injured on a scooter.

A day trip will take you to some of the most beautiful places on the island. You will remember the phenomenal view at Kelingking beach for a long time.

8. Explore hippie land – Kuta

The locals have always considered the southern coast of Bali to be a wasteland and barren land. They even sent sick people and criminals here for a time. But in the 19th century, everything changed and traders moved into the port. Before the Second World War, the first American hotel opened here, and since the 1960s the place has been considered a kind of mecca for modern travellers, hippies and backpackers.

Today, Kuta is one of the liveliest places in Bali. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches, wild and raucous parties until the early hours of the morning and a huge range of accommodation. If you walk along the seven-kilometre promenade, you won’t feel like you’re in Bali. You’ll be transported back to the bustling cities of America or Europe for a while. So whoever feels like going home for a while, you’re welcome.

Food in Bali? Taste everything!

Food is a huge chapter in Bali. The local food is amazing. The regular hotels make you rather European food, but the better hotels offer a nice fusion of Indonesia and Europe. One night you’ll enjoy a traditional and authentic meal, the next day you can have a quiet burger. Still, if you eat at local restaurants, it will cost you less and you’ll get a taste of the real Bali.

Weather in Bali

Throughout the year, you can head to the equator on one of the Indonesian islands – Bali. Temperatures hover at a balmy 30ºC for months on end, with long hours of glorious sunshine. The sea water, with its 26ºC to 29ºC, is inviting for swimming.

Dry season in Bali – high season

The best time to visit Bali is the beginning and end of the high season. The dry season in Bali is approximately from April to October. So the ideal months are May, June and September. But also the beginning of the season and the end of the season, i.e. April and October. However, it may be that the rainy season is not quite over in April, or that it starts a little earlier in October. Therefore, May, June and September are more certain.

The top season in terms of attendance is of course July and August. The weather will be good, but there will also be more tourists. The best choice is September. In addition to the summer holidays, there is also increased visitation during Easter or typically Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Rainy season in Bali

The rainy season in Bali is from October to March. Although there is a high chance of rain during this period, it usually only rains for a few hours and then the sun shines again.

How to travel around Bali? The best choice is a scooter

Transport in Bali is as chaotic as you can imagine. But that’s very typical for this region. Thousands of cars, taxis, motorbikes and scooters roam the streets every day. After a few hours, however, you quickly get used to it and become part of the organised chaos.

In Bali you can rent a scooter very easily. The whole thing takes about 3 minutes. You sign a paper, pay a ridiculous deposit and collect your scooter. But follow a few guidelines. In Bali you drive on the left, so keep that in mind every time you come to an intersection. Be sure to get insurance before your holiday in Bali. Wear a helmet and always fill up your tank. Although you can get fuel in any small village, this can sometimes be a problem when travelling into the jungle. If you’re scared, rent a chauffeur-driven car instead, it’ll definitely pay off with more passengers.

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