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Discover paradise on earth! We’ve got cheap flights to the Maldives, accommodation and activity tips

The Maldives is an archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean that is home to hundreds of coral reefs. They are therefore the perfect exotic escape when you need to relax or simply enjoy some time to yourself. It’s no coincidence that the Maldives is described as one of the most popular destinations in the world. They are the epitome of unrivalled luxury, stunning white sand beaches and an amazing underwater world. Explore this paradise on earth and choose from one of our great flights and accommodation deals for an unforgettable holiday. We’ve also got some activity tips to help you get to know the authentic environment of the islands.

From where? With whom? When? Tips from Pelipeckers on flights to the Maldives

  • From where? You can get to Dubai from Vienna, Budapest and Katowice with several airlines.
  • With whom? The preferred connection is a flight between Budapest and Male operated by Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul, which allows 2 pieces of hand luggage up to 8kg and 2kg, and any number of pieces of hold luggage, with the total weight of all luggage not to exceed 30kg.
  • When? The Maldives benefits from its equatorial geographical location and tropical climate guaranteeing warm and sunny weather all year round. The hottest month is April, the coldest December. However, temperatures are largely dependent on the monsoon. The average temperature throughout the year is 27 °C, rising to 31 to 33 °C in the hottest months. The sea in the Maldives has a year-round temperature of around 27 °C.
  • What’s included? Return flight, all taxes, hand luggage and hold luggage.

Accommodation in the Maldives: choose one that includes a transfer to the island

Don’t worry about accommodation prices. Just like anywhere else, you can find expensive accommodation here, but you can also find very good value accommodation. Check prices and book a hotel through Pelican. Find accommodation tips on this handy map:

What you need to enter the Maldives: just a passport

  • A valid passport is required for travel for at least 6 months after return
  • For stays not exceeding 30 days, visas are provided free of charge to tourists.
  • Upon entering the country, it is also necessary to fill in a registration ticket indicating the exact address of stay.
  • All Covid-19 restrictions were lifted

What to see and experience in the Maldives? Here are the tips of our editorial team

Snorkel till you drop

You can snorkel practically everywhere in the Maldives, as the islands are surrounded by reefs teeming with rich fauna and flora. Resorts tend to organise several daily cruises to snorkelling sites in the nearby area. There really is a lot to discover underwater in the Maldives.

Enjoy water sports

The calm lagoons surrounding the islands offer great conditions for many kinds of water sports. In most resorts you will find water sports centres offering water skiing, banana boating, parasailing, kitesurfing, canoeing, jet-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, etc.

Explore the sea world

The Maldives is a diving paradise thanks to its fantastic visibility, diversity of underwater flora and fauna, warm water and countless dive sites. Each resort has its own professional dive centre, which must meet strict regulations. You can take scuba diving courses and get certified.

Visit the surrounding islands

If you want to get to know the real life of the natives in the Maldives, go to one of the islands inhabited by natives. You’ll see small fishing villages with traditional colourful houses and harbours and get to know the local lifestyle. A visit to an inhabited island is also a good opportunity to buy souvenirs, most often wooden lacquerware, coconut shell products and gold or silver jewellery. It is necessary to leave the island before sunset.

Source: Shutterstock, Natalia Davidovich

Explore the beaches

Every island resort in the Maldives archipelago has beaches with beautiful white sand and lagoons with clear water. The beaches are lined with palm trees and tropical vegetation. Most of the islands are surrounded by coral reefs with an abundance of reef fish and underwater flora and provide great conditions for snorkelling. Some resorts organise excursions to the beaches of uninhabited islands, where you’ll feel like a real Robinson Crusoe.

Watch dolphins and stingrays

The chances of spotting a dolphin while on holiday in the Maldives are quite high. In addition, resorts organize trips to locations where dolphins are regularly fed and the chances of spotting dolphins are multiplied. Some resorts have regular ray feeding sessions in the early evening, where the rays swim up to the beach and take food from your hands. You may also spot turtles on the beaches.

Visit the capital – Male

The capital of the Maldives, Male, is the antithesis of the quiet island resorts. It’s a teeming city of hundreds of thousands, with shops and busy fish and food markets where you’ll see the true Maldivian life. Male is also a good place to shop at prices incomparably lower than anywhere on the surrounding islands. But you can’t buy alcohol here as elsewhere in the Maldives.

Treat yourself to a massage

Massages and spas using herbal oils and medicinal plants to regenerate the body are available in every resort in the Maldives. A variety of relaxing, therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments based on Thai, Balinese and Ayurvedic massage and treatment techniques are on offer. You can indulge in a herbal bath, a stay in the sauna or in the steam chamber.

Weather in the Maldives: year-round favourable

The Maldives benefits from its equatorial geographic location and tropical climate guaranteeing warmth and sunshine all year round. The hottest month is April, the coldest December. However, temperatures are largely dependent on the monsoon. The average temperature throughout the year is 27 °C, rising to 31 to 33 °C in the hottest months. The sea in the Maldives has a year-round temperature of around 27 °C.

Transportation in the Maldives: either by speedboat or by plane


As the Maldives is an archipelago, shipping is the most common mode of transport here. You’ll find different types of boats that will take you almost anywhere. One of the islands has an airport from which you can take a boat to your destination island.

  1. public boats – called “Dhoni”, which cost 1-2 dollars per person. However, you should be careful because they do not run on Fridays.
  2. Private boats or Speedboats – cost more (around 20€ – 80€). They also run on Fridays.
  3. Private boats for individuals – here the price is the highest ( from 100€ upwards). Most of the time these go to luxury resorts.


You have the option to fly to the more distant islands by Air Maldives (there are about 10 smaller airports in the Maldives). You can be transported to the island by a conventional plane or a private airplane, which is more expensive.

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