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Enjoy beaches, sun, underwater world and history in one place. Experience Cancun

This Central American paradise gradually began to open and attracts foreign visitors to its most beautiful resorts. A large number of resorts and hotels await tourists in Cancún and Playa Del Carmen.

Why do we think Cancun should be on every travel list?

Cancun is the most luxurious resort in Mexico. Enjoy relaxing, lounging on the beach, sunbathing and tequila. If you long for beautiful weather and perfect relaxation on magic beaches, you probably won’t find a better place. The beach is life. This motto is followed by the locals who wake up on the beach, who live on the beach, and who also spend their free time here after work. And really, the beach is exactly the thing you should enjoy to the fullest.

Underwater world

While the beaches here are purely occupied by the people, the local coral reefs already have completely different rulers. Cancun is definitely a place where you can take a snorkel or pay for a diving course. In addition to a wide range of colorful fish, you will also be greeted with open arms by endangered species of sea turtles, rays and majestic lemon sharks.

Seventh heaven in your mouth

Cancun is for everyone who doesn’t know what they want. Pizza, pasta, Spanish paella, American burgers, fresh fish, Indian curry, luxury sushi. Everything your mind can think you will find here, in excellent quality. Whether you decide to dine at a five-star hotel or for a small snack at a street Mexican stall, you’ll feel like a Michelin-starred chef has cooked it for you. In addition, in one of those hotels, it will even be true, because the Mexicans were able to attract the best chefs from all over the world to the Yucatan.

Sun all year round

While we are bothered by the cold winter and shivering because of temperatures below 0 °C, Cancun, especially from December to January, can be proud of its 30-degree heat. All Americans are aware of this, so they come here regularly to warm their stiff bones in the spring. And yes, of course, to celebrate the spring break. If you want to avoid the crowds and high prices, travel to this paradise from May to August. The temperature is around 25 degrees and the humidity value gradually increases. Visiting this area in the autumn, from September to October, can be a bit risky. Among other things, it is expected the sun is much stronger here and the possibility of regular showers, sometimes even hurricanes.

Mayan culture

Of course, we shouldn’t talk about fun all the time, it is necessary to mention the rich history that the Yucatan Peninsula offers to its visitors. Few destinations in the world allow you to get bronzed so close to ancient ruins and a two thousand year old temple. The closest one to Cancun is a large complex called Chichen Itza, with its terraced monoliths and small ruins in the town of Tulum. Perhaps all the tourist agencies in the city will take you to the famous Mayan culture, so you don’t have to worry about booking this day trip in advance.

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