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Miami is a hot magic city. See for yourself!

Exclusive sand

When you say Miami, everyone imagines white beaches, colorful summer drinks, lively nightlife and yes, some remember the cult series Baywatch. Some of the scenes also took place at this location. However, it is less well known that this famous sand was brought here from the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands. Because the sand is regularly eroded by ocean waves, Florida bought a $11,500,000 replacement last year. So getting a tanned sexy body in Miami Beach is really luxurious and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Lost in mosaic

Miami isn’t just about glass buildings and modern architecture. If you haven’t heard the term art deco style before, get to know it here and we’re sure you’ll definitely like it. In Miami Beach alone you will find around 800 historic Art Deco buildings. Miami’s South Beach is not only called the American Riviera, but also an “Art Deco playground”. In addition to relaxation and fun, you will also get a little artistic experience.

Better than cosmetic surgery

Coconut Grove was once a hippie colony, but today it’s more of a centre of active leisure. Watching passers-by from the terrace of a bar or café is guaranteed to take you back to your student days. So it can be said that a trip to Miami also has a rejuvenating effect.

Busy nightlife

You won’t see much of the city’s wonders during the day, since a large part of the population and tourists start their lives only after the moonrise, giving the night city a unique atmosphere. If you’re only expecting discos with wild lights and electronic music, you’re wrong. Everyone can find their own style of music, whether Latin, indie or alternative rock. The main thing is to move until sunrise.

In Gianni’s footsteps

It can be said that every metropolis hides people with a unique, even bizarre style. Miami also has its representative. The world-famous fashion designer Gianni Versace owned his divine villa in Miami, which is now a hotel. So if you don’t know what to do with $900, you can stay in Versace’s former room. If you don’t have that $900, a selfie in front of the mansion is free.

Restful relaxation

Yes, there are great museums in Miami, we’ve already written about architecture in this article, but let’s face it – no one flies to Florida for an educational experience, including taking notes and listening to hours of lectures. This place is perfect for relaxing, especially the beaches of South Beach and Miami Beach. Ocean Drive also offers premises for those who really want a morning breakfast, Biscayne Bay is a sailing fan’s paradise, and those tired from a night out at the club should enjoy the silence in Bayfront Park.


Have you already seen this hashtag? Originating from the locals, it has been associated with photos of coffee since 2012. This is when such a photo first appeared on Twitter, combining the current time clock with the area code of 3-0-5. Today, 3:05 p.m. is the official “Cafecito” time in the city.

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