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Are you going on holiday to the Dominican Republic? These are the TOP outings to go on

Holidaying in the exotic Dominican Republic is almost as good as being in heaven. Lying on the white beach under the coco palms with coconuts hanging on them, you are sipping some sweet rum and to the fullest enjoying everything that the all-inclusive package holiday has to offer. Are you fed up with lazing around and rather in the mood for adventure? Just join a trip with us!

Santo Domingo and the three magical lakes

To get a better picture of the real spirit of the country, don’t miss out on the capital city, the hot heart of the Dominican Republic. On your way there, however, you are going to stop by at the Tres Ojos caves where you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the three magical lakes boasting lush flora and fauna. Upon arrival at Santo Dominga, you will get the impression as if you have been teleported to the era of the famous conquerors. When strolling down Calle Las Damas, the oldest street in the whole of Americas, you will feel the history on your own skin. The guide will take you also to the National Pantheon where you will see the oldest cathedral in America and you will visit the home of Christoph Columbus.

Interesting fact: One might assert that Columbus remained a traveller also after his death. Initially he was buried in Sevilla, but later, his remains were sent over to Santo Domingo. However, when the French took over the territory, the remains were moved to Cuba. Lastly, the remains were sent back to Sevilla, nevertheless, every Dominican will try to persuade you that they still own a piece of it.

Which cigars are better, from Cuba or the Dominican Republic?

Of course, those from the Dominican Republic. Over there, everybody will assure you of that fact. The truth is that the local cigars are among the best in the world, and they keep collecting awards regularly. Remember, the darker the uppermost leave on the cigar, the sweeter is its taste. Besides having the opportunity to see how cigars are made, you will also get a closer look at the steps involved in processing sugar cane, of which there is abundance. Do you have thirst for adrenaline? Swimming with dolphins or flying by helicopter over the Bavaro beaches will surely bring you into a state of ecstasy.

Saona – the perfect heaven

Do you find the white beaches of Punta Cana impeccable? Take a trip to the Saona island and you will be on cloud seven. A fast motorboat will take you to a large lagoon with clean water where you can observe the charming starfish. Please don’t take them out of water, you might hurt them. As soon as you get to Saona, you will be welcomed by amazing white beaches with fine sand and tall palm trees. After a traditional lunch, you will embark a catamaran on board of which you will be offered to taste rum with coke and will dance to the rhythm of Dominican Merengue.

Whale watching and Bacardi Island

Have you ever seen whales? You will have a unique opportunity to do so while on holiday in the Dominican Republic! The guide will accompany you to the Samana Peninsula which, between mid-January to mid-March, is visited by humpback whales. Their mission? To give birth to offspring, and the warm waters of the area are ideal for that purpose. After this fabulous experience, you will visit the romantic island which received its fame thanks to an advertisement for Bacardi.

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