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Malta will surprise you with a wealth of tourist attractions. What can you look forward to this year?

Easily accessible, inexpensive and offering plenty of exciting experiences. Malta is one of the few Mediterranean destinations reachable by direct flights from Prague and Vienna throughout the winter. We, in turn, bring you inspiration and ideas for making the most of your holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean. Winter Malta will certainly attract adventurers and lovers of nature also this season.

Taking a walk in the Maltese gardens off the season is even more enjoyable.

With the transition of summer into autumn, the Maltese archipelago turns green and blossoms. This is the ideal time for those holidaymakers who are interested in active tourism. Walking tours on the islands are noticeably more pleasurable than during the hot summer, and the local gardens are also more alluring.

Bring along your partner, family or friends and explore the most famous and most beautiful gardens of Valetta, the capital city. Those are the Upper and Lower Barakka Gardens both of which offer an amasing view of the City’s Grand Harbour. Already the knights of the order of st John used to wander her search for rest and peace, and you can follow their footsteps too.

There are more than 300 days of sunshine in a year.

The temperatures in Malta are between 15 – 20°C and the sun shines more than 300 days in a year. So, you don’t have to worry about the weather in Malta during your holiday. The same is true about the temperature of the sea. Even in the coldest months, the temperature doesn’t go below 15°C, so diving is possible throughout the year.

Scuba diving in Malta? One of the best destinations in the world

Malta has long been one of the top destinations for divers not only in Europe but around the world.
Visibility in the clear and calm sea is as much as 40 meters, and the risk of encountering dangerous sea animals is extremely low. This creates perfect conditions for beginners. Experienced divers have a wide selection of more demanding diving options. You have choices ranging from the not demanding 12-metre dive in Ghar Lapsi up to to the 50-metre-deep underwater tunnel in Lantern Point.

You will find here a number of certified diving schools offering a variety of courses and activities.
If interested, diving for 2 or more people without a guide is also available upon presenting a PADI Advanced Open Water Certificate or a similar document (CMAS, Two Star Diver, BSAC). You should check with the diving centre for the best diving site for the particular weather conditions.

Rock climbing, horse riding, safari driving – all is available in Malta

If you feel safer on the land, there are ample possibilities. Ranging from a multitude of climbing trails, horse riding opportunities up to jeep safari.

Christmas in Malta and staying warm? Why not!

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for catholic Malta. The Maltese people go to church, carols are sung, and festive decorations are literally everywhere. Particularly popular are Bethlehem and Nativity scenes, which can be found on the streets and in the houses of the inhabitants.

What you won’t found there is typical Christmas food. During Christmas dinner, whole extended families usually come together, very often in a restaurant. In local terms, it typically means about fifteen to twenty people and a sumptuous feast. Oftentimes, you will find there one of the legacy dishes of the British Empire – typical Christmas pudding with a great deal of brandy poured over it.

Family-centered Christmas is followed by a lively New Year celebration, just the way we are familiar to. A lot of events take place directly on the streets of Valletta and the neighboring Floriana, and admission is free. You don’t have to fear the cold as December temperatures fluctuate around 15°C.

A majority of the museums and monuments are open

Whether you want to visit the National War Museum in Fort St. Elmo, St. Paul’s Catacombs or marvel at one of the prehistorical cathedrals, the doors are open. Most of the Maltese museums and cultural landmarks are managed by Heritage Malta, and their current opening hours can be found at the following link.

If you are interested in monuments from the dawn of the human history, Malta is an excellent choice. We do not know much about the prehistoric inhabitants who came to the island almost 8000 years ago. Ancient builders have left here cathedrals older than the pyramids, and, at present, we have more questions than answers about them.

The most magnificent structure can be found, however, underground. It is the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni in Tarxien. The three-storey complex of corridors and halls hewn into the rock, whose purpose has not yet been conclusively established, is certainly worth visiting. To maintain the microclimate, the number of visitors is strictly regulated there, and therefore it is advisable to book a tour in advance.

You are welcome to make use of the virtual tours created by Heritage Malta, and not only when planning your holiday. Their number is constantly growing. You may find them here.

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