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Cheap flight tickets to Dubai? We have them all! Try out our tips for accommodation as well.

Dubai. Just by saying the name of this incredible city, immediately brings to our mind luxury shops, spectacular skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and tropical temperatures. In a city like Dubai, it is virtually impossible to get bored. It’s a place with a futuristic vibe that consistently breaks records year after year. Head to the beautiful Jumeirah Beach or go skiing on a snow-covered slope in a shopping mall while tropical temperatures prevail outside. Take a trip to the local gold or spice markets, or go shopping at the Dubai Mall. Gain a bird’s eye view of Dubai by taking a ride up the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper with stunning views of the Persian Gulf. If you’re interested in the more traditional side of Dubai, don’t miss out a boat cruise on Dubai Creek. We offer the best connections, accommodation, and tour tips to give you the chance to explore and discover the pearl of the Middle East.

Where from? With whom? When? Our tips for flights to Dubai:

  • Where from? You can get to Dubai from Vienna, Budapest, London (LHR, LGW, STN), Paris (CDG), Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, Copenhagen, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester
  • With whom? British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, SWISS, Austrian airlines, Turkish airlines, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Iberia, ALitalia, Finnair
  • When? Dubai is characterized by a very hot climate with mild to warm winters and hot summers with a high level of humidity. The hot summer lasts from April to November and reaches 30ºC. From June to early September the temperatures exceed 40ºC. As the temperature increases, so does the humidity. However, there is very little rainfall. We, therefore, recommend flying to this destination between November and March – this is the TOP tourist season with pleasant temperatures (average 25°C).
  • What’s included? The return flight with all taxes, hand luggage, and checked-in luggage (depends on the airline).

Cheap flights to Dubai

Accommodation in Dubai

Although Dubai is synonymum with luxury, you can find here a really wide range of accommodation here. You’ll find cheaper hotels for €50 per night for two persons, as well as stay in the most luxurious hotels in the world. Of course, it really depends on the time of the year you’re travelling here.

Check prices and book your hotel through Pelikan. You can find accommodation tips on this handy map:

What documents are required to enter Dubai?

  • Traveling to Dubai is as easy as it was before the pandemic, and no Covid-19 documents are required.
  • A passport valid for at least 6 months after return.

What to see and explore in Dubai?

The most beautiful beaches in Dubai

Several airlines usually operate flights to Dubai in the morning. It is a great thing for those who like to plan their entire trip in advance. You can quickly get to your hotel from the airport quickly by taxi, or it is also really worth it to use low-cost taxi companies like Careem (similar to Uber/Bolt). Otherwise, Dubai’s public transport isn’t expensive, so you can take the metro to the nearby Palm Islands or anywhere else.

Many good hotels in Dubai offer free beach transfers, and the best ones often have their own beach or access to it via promenade. You should definitely grab this opportunity and enjoy your first day by swimming at one of the beaches.

  • Jumeirah Beach – This beach is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The atractiveness of this beach is defined by the gentle golden sand and luxury hotels standing nearby the shiny Jumeirah Road. It has direct access to the sea, what is the best option for families with children.
  • La Mer Beach – Entrance is free. Its pleasant atmosphere is created by many restaurants and newly opened Laguna Waterpark. You can also try many sports facilities, the jogging track and skate park and, of course, the stylish cafés and restaurants.
  • The Beach at JBR – Is a popular beach for families. It is located close to The Walk, hotel Hilton Jumeirah Beach and Sheraton Beach Resort hotels. You can find there a water world and inflatable playground right in the sea.
  • Kite beach – The beach located near Burj Al Arab is always packed with sports enthusiasts. This beach is public and very popular among tourists just because it is giving perfect opportunity to pose with the iconic building.

These spots offer amazing relaxation that you will surely appreciate after a long flight. You can also recharge your battery and enjoy tasty cuisine at the nearby bars and restaurants.

Discover traditional Dubai

If anyone tells you that all Dubai is just about skyscrapers and indoor skiing, take them to Deira Dubai. The oldest part of the city is a real tangle of fascinating Arabic architecture, aromatic spices, gold markets and centuries-old wooden ships which are still easily sailing to India. In addition, you’ll find the best traditional markets here, and of course you surely can´t miss trying popular canal water taxi, which is known as an “abra” by locals. It costs literally a few dirhams.

Have fun!

If you’re on holiday with kids and wondering where to take them, we have a few special offers for you. The first is the Dubai Garden Glow theme park. which is truly unique. You can choose from the Art Park, the Dinopark, the Magic Park or even the Ice Park. Optical illusions, 3D artworks or millions of twinkling lights are guarantee entertainment.

Wild Wadi Water Park is also perfectly-fitting spot for the whole family and especially for children. One of the best outdoor water parks in Western Asia. It is also home to the world’s largest water slide and you can experience over 30 thrilling rides on slides and other attractions. Important info: if your family is staying in the Jumeirah Hotels chain, entry to this park is free for you :).

Don’t miss the legendary Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain

End your first day in Dubai in the most magnificent way by heading to the Burj Khalifa for a fountain show. See this city from above! A trip to Dubai wouldn’t be completed withoutvisiting the tallest building in the world. This building also known as miracle of design and architectural engineering, is the real landmark of the city. It is 828 metres tall and it has 162 floors. The view from the top will probably make you speechless. We definitely recommend you to book the tickets in advance online.

Climb up to the floating platform located at the Dubai Fountain, which will take you to the fountain from a distance of 10 metres. Walk the 272-metre-long promenade and admire the world’s largest and powerful fountain. Enjoy a unique view of the fountain show and get a real sense of the power of the water shooting up into the sky. On the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk, you’ll have the chance to walk almost on water.

dubajska fontana

Experience a desert adventure

If you’ve never experienced the touch of the desert sands on a desert safari, your trip to the Middle East would be judged by the great travellers as unfulfilled. Don’t think of it as a boring excursion in a dry land, Desert Safari has something to offer for everyone.

A day in the desert begins with a ride in a luxury car, which will pick you up directly from your hotel and take you to the desert, where you can immediately enjoy the one hour-long thrill ride on the dunes. Only then will come your first real contact with the desert. Dive into the sand and experience one of the most beautiful sunrises or sunsets. Even hunger doesn’t stand a chance there. A feast will begin in the Bedouin camp, accompanied by an introduction to traditional Arab culture, including smoking shisha or getting a hena tattoo.

Looking for a relaxing adrenaline activity? Then you should see the spectacular Dubai desert from a hot air balloon. Approximately 24 people can fit in the basket. Needed to say that it provides enough comfort and convenience to watch the journey in comfort. Most of take-offs take place on Al Ain road near the local national park.

A desert safari is the perfect activity to do as a day trip, because you can fully enjoy it. The rest of the day can be spent lounging by the hotel pool.

Enjoy some serious shopping, art and soaking up the views

Welcome back to Dubai, a shopping paradise. Shopping in Dubai deserves its own chapter. Time seems to move differently in the vast maze of huge shopping malls. Dubai is internationally the most visited shopping city in the world. There are several shopping malls to choose from. These will blow your mind away not just because of their size but also luxurious architecture. Be sure to visit Dubai Mall, Mall of The Emirates, Dubai Marina Mall and experience themed shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall.

What about just hanging around the city and soaking up the atmosphere? For example, a stroll around Dubai Marina, this spectacular boat dock, guarantees to take your breath away. Along the way, you can pop into one of the 305 shops or 69 restaurants. Many prestigious travel magazines recommend this place for expats who plan to stay in Dubai for more than just 5 days.

The dynamic growth is visible not only in the buildings, but also in Dubai’s cultural life. For many pople is Abu Dhabi centre of Arab culture, but we think that Dubai has a lot to be proud of too. There are more and more interesting events and concerts. It’s clear to us that if you have only 48 hours to spend in Dubai, festivals may not be your priority, but if you’re a fan of Cirque du Soleil, don’t miss a performance of La Perle.

And if you still have a moment, visit the Miracle Garden Botanical Garden, you’ll see that not only buildings, amusement parks, museums, culture, but also plants are “different” in Dubai.

Explore Dubai’s new attractions

Ain Dubai is the latest addition to Dubai’s long list of world records. Located on Bluewaters Island, it reaches heights of up to 250 metres. This makes it the tallest and largest attraction of its kind in the entire world. The Dubai Ferris Wheel is a breathtaking structure, and its weight is equivalent to four Airbus A380s. Visitors can choose from 3 options while purchasing a ticket: sightseeing cabin, social cabin (shared with other people) and private cabin. For a completely refined experience, separate VIP seats are available for dinners, extravagant parties or special family celebrations.

Dubai is once again reaching for a new record – the world’s deepest swimming pool. It is 60 meters deep and is part of the new Deep Dive Dubai attraction. It also broke the last record held by Poland, with its 45-meter deep pool. The new collosal pool in Dubai is filled with 14 million litres of water, which is comparable to about 6 Olympic swimming pools. It has been given the title of deepest diving pool in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Located on the 52nd floor of the iconic 240-metre Palm Tower, The View offers panoramic 360-degree views of the Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf and other iconic Dubai landmarks from the outdoor terrace and premium lounge. The building also hosts The View Exhibition, a tribute to the vision and creativity of Palm Jumeirah. Enjoy interactive tunnels in the aquarium, floor mapping, and explore the history of this world-famous landmark.

Would you slide down from the 53rd floor of a high-rise building hidden in an all-glass capsule? What about walking along a ledge located nearly 220 meters above the ground with no windows or other protective barriers in front of you? For lovers of heights and magnificent architectural structures, a unique new place has been created in Dubai. The Address Sky View Hotel in Downtown Dubai opened a glass arcade on November 28, 2021, inviting all lovers of observation and adrenaline to come there. The three-part attraction consists of an observatory, a glass slide and an experience walk.

Explore Dubai from above

If you want to take your holiday to another level, see the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab and all of Dubai from a different perspective. What about viewing them from the sky? A helicopter tour offers a unique way to explore these iconic destinations. And you don’t have to jump out of it.

But if you still want to jump down and experience a flying lesson, try a tandem jump from a plane with views of Dubai or Palm Island. The choice is yours. This is how adrenaline junkies imagine romance. It’s an experience you won’t forget for the rest of your life. So take your guts and stomach and go for it!

Say goodbye to Dubai in a very unusual but cool way by experiencing the world’s longest zipline. You’ll glide through skyscrapers at speeds of 80km at heights of up to 170 metres. Are you already buying your ticket, right? You can enjoy the ride alone or in pairs and the ride lasts for an hour. This activity is located in the Marina.

Weather in Dubai

Dubai is characteristic for its very hot climate with mild to warm winters and hot summers with high humidity. The hot summer lasts from April to November and brings temperatures above 30ºC. From June to early September are temperatures exceeding 40ºC. As the temperature rises, so does the humidity. However, there is very little rainfall.

Transport in Dubai


Taxis are a popular means of transportation in Dubai. Prices here are very affordable, but it also depends on the company you come across. Drivers like to negotiate prices, so you can get a good deal. You can either choose classic taxis, which are regulated by the state and have a speedometer on. You’ll recognise them by their different coloured roofs. Women are advised to use taxis with pink roofs, which are safer. In Dubai, you’ll also find UBER and Careem, which operate on the same basis and are cheaper than regular taxis. In addition, they are also more convenient in terms of payment in advance. The minimum price for a taxi ride is approximately AED 12 (€3).


You can find all the international car rental companies in Dubai. They are on every corner. Prices are different. If you want to rent a car, you will need a Slovak and international driving licence, a passport and a credit or debit card. Driving in Dubai is not difficult, the streets are wide and orientation is relatively easy. All signs are in both Arabic and English. The vast majority of tourist attractions have huge free parking available. If you’re planning your trip in advance, we recommend making an online car reservation in advance, which can save you a lot of money. However, if you decide to rent a car on-site, you should avoid the rental agencies near the airports, which are the most expensive.

Public transport

Dubai has an excellent public transportation system that provides easy access to all tourist attractions. The metro, trams and RTA buses run here. The advantage is that the ticket is valid for all types of public transport. You will find it in the form of a Nol card, which is available in several variants:

  • Red Card – a one-time card that can be used for up to 90 days and 10 rides. The card costs AED 2 to purchase.
  • Silver card – a credit card that you charge your credit to. The price of AED 25 already includes a fare of AED 19
  • Gold card – also costs AED 25 and already includes a fare of AED 19. This card allows you to ride in Gold Class.
  • Blue Card – for subscribers permanently living in Dubai.

All types of tickets can be purchased at any metro station or from ticket machines at major bus stops.

Do you have your tips for Dubai? Share them with us!

If you think that we’ve forgotten something important or practical, feel free to drop us a message or, even better, add something useful to our article in the comments below. Thank you 🙂

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