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What should you do, see and experience in Barcelona?

Who hasn’t seen it like they’ve never travelled. Barcelona is one of the most popular travel destinations and we have to admit that there is a lot to see in the city. So that you can find all in one place and have all the necessary information at hand, we have some useful tips for you.

5 places to experience in Barcelona:

The Ramblas: More than a mile along the boulevard is connected to Catalan Square and the Columbus Monument. The street performers will be your company. Energetic nights, lively days, it is a place where you can have night out as a tourist and befriend the locals at the same time.

Casa Mila: Modernist building that is one of the masterpieces of one of the country’s most important architects – Gaudi, also known as La Pedrera. In translation, it means “quarry”, because the house strikingly reminds of it. The unconventional building has no flat surface, all lines are rounded.

Sagrada Família: Gaudi’s church is not only exceptional because of the interplay of different architectural styles. When completed it will be the tallest church in the world and already is different from any other religious building.

La Boqueria: There are also traditional markets in many big cities. La Boqueria in Barcelona is one of the iconic attractions. Markets of this kind have existed in the city since the Middle Ages, although this particular location has only been the trading centre for around 200 years. Here you will find fresh fruit, meat, cheese and many other products.

Park Güell: Many tourists visit the park just for the beautiful panoramic view of the city from its main terrace. Besides the serpentine benches decorated with mosaics are beautiful fountains, statues and columns that combine Gaudi’s distinctive and unmistakable style.


If Barcelona, ​​then definitely dance! The hot blood of the Spaniards is transformed into sensual movements of traditional dances, including flamenco. Experience a show with the best dancers in the world dedicated to the history of this fabulous dance.

Young and old will definitely get their money’s worth in Aquapark Illa Fantasia.

Others can rent a jet ski and enjoy the adrenaline ride in waves.


Mytaxi: Simply call a taxi with this app and pay by card.

Visit Barcelona: This so-called official travel guide contains interactive information. Selected locations are displayed on the map, allowing you to effectively plan your sightseeing of the city.

Gaudi’s BCN: This app offers the audio content to explore Gaudi’s most famous buildings.

TMBAPP: The official public transport app. Here you will find all useful information about the subway and bus connections as well as the route search.

Spotted by Locals: This app is an alternative to the official travel guide. With it you experience Barcelona as if you were locals.

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