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Visit Maldives in the summer. Lower prices, fewer tourists and still great conditions

Do your acquaintances discouraging the vacation in the Maldives during the summer season? So feel free to send them this article. We went there for a few days in July and we can safely say that even in the low season you can enjoy the Maldives to the fullest. In addition, you can save a lot of money on accommodation and plane tickets. So before you condemn your vacation in the Maldives in the summer, read the following lines.

P.S .: At the end of the article, we have tips for holiday resorts with complete all-inclusive vacation packages or half board service.

Favorable weather all year round

The year-round temperature in the Maldives is 30 – 32 °C and the water temperature reaches approximately 27 °C. In the period from May to November, the air is slightly wetter and slightly cloudy. During our stay at the end of July, it was very sunny every day, occasionally short storms in the afternoon and evening.

The lowest prices of accommodation and plane tickets

Summer is an ideal choice for a cheap Maldives holiday. Accommodation prices during this period are the lowest. With the exception of August, when Italians and French have mass (probably company-wide) holidays, which causes higher demand and prices may be slightly higher compared to other summer months. Accommodation and holiday prices are much lower during the summer than during the winter season.

Eating in the Maldives: take at least half board

In the resorts, of course, you can choose accommodation with breakfast, half board or all-inclusive and it is really up to individual preferences. Pelican’s recommendation: take at least half board. Breakfast and dinner are really rich in the local resorts, so they will fill you up and you can enjoy other activities during the day. For example, diving, fishing or lounging in the resort.

However, we should bear in mind that in the case of the Maldives, you will be on an island where there is nothing but your resort and you are only dependent on the resort itself. Prices for additional meals are higher. To illustrate: a bottle of water costs $ 5, a glass of whiskey or wine $ 8-9, lunch a minimum of $ 20. Most raw materials are imported primarily from Sri Lanka, India, Australia etc. That is why chicken meat, for example, is more expensive than fish or seafood. The dishes are mostly a mix of Indian cuisine (paneer, curry), European and Asian and almost never miss fish.

Types of accommodation

  • Double rooms in smaller mostly two-storey buildings
  • Bungalows / Villas (beach or garden) – the closer you are to the beach, the higher the price of accommodation
  • Water villas – directly above the water, with access to the sea from the pier and with own access directly to the water. For safety reasons, most resorts have an age limit for children who can be accommodated, for example, from the age of 8 and so on. Water villas often include a glass part of the floor in the bedroom or bathroom.

Money and payment in the islands

There is no need to worry about exchanging money for the local currency. All prices in the resorts are quoted in US dollars and the resorts also accept most credit cards. In case you get out of the resort – e.g. to the capital Male, even here it is not a problem to pay in dollars or by card.

We recommend having cash (dollars) in small banknotes. There is also an ATM at Male International Airport, so if someone wants a local currency, they can withdraw cash as soon as they arrive. However, this is not necessary at all.

Transfers to islands

At Adaaran Vadoo, the local manager answered the question he missed most: driving. You will hardly find cars in the Maldives at all, except for golf cars to move within the resort.

To transfer from the island to the island or to the hotel resort, they use ships and boats, seaplanes (their operation depends not only on the weather but also on daylight and so they fly only during the day from 7 a.m to 4 p.m), domestic airline transport (in addition to the international airport, there are 5 smaller airports located in different atolls).

Interesting facts about the Maldives and the facts you should know

  1. The Maldives consists of 1190 islands, but only 220 are inhabited and are gradually flooded by water, so the holiday does not need to be postponed ???? There are currently about 106 resorts in the Maldives and new ones are constantly increasing.
  2. Although the Maldives is the smallest Muslim country, there is a strict ban on the import of alcohol and pork and products (if they find any of them after arrival, they will confiscate it immediately), at the same time there is a ban on alcohol consumption in public and nudist beaches, alcohol is also forbidden and is only allowed in licensed resorts.
  3. Weddings in the Maldives are also symbolic – therefore it is recommended to get married regularly in the home country and only have a symbolic ceremony in the Maldives. Alternatively, it is possible to get married in nearby Sri Lanka and spend a honeymoon in the Maldives.

Internet and Wi-Fi in the Maldives

The internet connection has improved a lot compared to previous years. In most resorts you will find Wi-Fi in the lobby (free of charge) and the rooms are covered (some for free, some for a fee).

The fee for using the Internet can be approximately 7-10 USD for one day, or you can buy a discounted package for 7 days and so on. The most luxurious resorts usually have wireless internet throughout the island.

What to do in paradise? Activities in the Maldives

In the Maldives: beach, eat, sleep, repeat. There is an amazing underwater world, which thanks to the clear water can be seen with the naked eye from the shore and the best activities there are snorkeling, diving and snorkeling again. Large resorts have a golf court, tennis court, and even a football pitch.

Hotel Meeru has a 9-hole golf course.

Common activities include padling, kayaking, paragliding, fishing, beach volleyball and surfing. There are islands where the sea and the wind offer ideal conditions, so you will find special packages for surfers in the Maldives. If by chance there are no waves, they can take you by boat to a place where you can fully enjoy them. They also guarantee you a limited number of places so that there are not a hundred surfers waiting for the wave.

Hotel Adaaran Hudhuran Fushi, has a part of the island called Lohin, where there are big waves for surfing, a private surf bar where you can arrange breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

Local islands

In addition to resorts built for tourists, some travelers (mainly so-called backpackers) use accommodation on local fishing islands. However, these are very modest conditions in simple family guesthouses and with modest meals either directly with the home family or in the local tavern.

Here it is important to know that compared to a holiday in the resort, there is not only a difference in the standard of accommodation and services, but swimming in swimsuits is not allowed on the local islands. It is necessary to wear a tunic or a T-shirt on your swimsuit. This applies to both women and men. Last but not least, don’t forget that you can’t buy alcohol here either and you can’t even bring it from home.

We recommend these resorts (excellent price / quality ratio)

When searching, we recommend setting the minimum number of nights one more than the number of nights you want to spend in the Maldives. Most tour operators also count the first night spent on a plane up to the total length of their stay.

3* Malahini Kuda Bandos

A new hotel opened only in 2016, transfer from the airport by boat only about 10 minutes

4* Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

Beautiful beach, clean, gradual entry into the sea, water loungers

4* The Sun Siyam Olhuveli Beach

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