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Where to go in the Dominican Republic 11 TOP beaches

The Dominican Republic is an exotic paradise full of beautiful beaches where you can really relax or have fun at a great party. The coast is lined with white and dark sand, palm trees or waves that are enjoyed every year by surfers from different parts of the world. The temperature is pleasant all year round, so you can come here to warm up in winter. Which corners of the island are worth visiting? Check out the 11 most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Playa Grande

Long, wide, golden beach with beautiful underwater life and dense palm forest. The sharp white cliff that juts out of the sea in Río San Juan is not only ideal for surfers.

Playa Los Mino

One of the most beautiful village beaches in the Dominican Republic. This beach has white sand, azure waters, and a wonderful local atmosphere.

Playa Rincón

Soft sand with water perfect for swimmers – this beach stretches for 3 kilometers. A smaller spring flows at the western end and is also adorned with a piece of palm forest. You can come here by boat. The experience is complemented by a number of restaurants.


This beach is easy to get to on foot or by taxi. The area is dominated by tall palm trees and darker sand.

Playa Los Patos

The beautiful white sand beach and the famous Balneario, the “hole for swimmers”, are an idyll for tourists. Here, clear, cold water flows from the mountain and forms a lagoon that leads to the sea. The attraction is also a newly opened cave formation with taine petroglyphs.

Playa Cosón

Although the water isn’t crystal clear and the sand isn’t the whitest, the beach is a great place to relax on a hot day. Two small rivers flow through the palm forest into the ocean.

Caya Levantado

A beautiful public beach is located in the west of the island, 7 kilometers from the province of Samaná. It is the only part that is open to the public on this page. The rest is a 5 star hotel.

Playa Boca Chica

If you are looking for a lively party place, Playba Boca Chica is the right choice for you. The place is full of restaurants and bars. The water is calm here so you can relax a bit.

Bahía de Las Águilas

This beach is in the remote southwest corner of the Dominican Republic. If you come here, you will be rewarded with 10 kilometers of almost deserted coast. The best way to get here is by boat from the fishing village of Playa Las Cuevas.

Playa Dominicus

Although the beach is often crowded, it’s a beautiful stretch of almost white sand and a great place to have fun or swim in the waves.

Kite Beach

Two kilometers west of Caberete you will meet kiters of all levels on windy days without being stopped by waves and traffic.

Source: Lonely Planet

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