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Ryanair verification via Pelican.travel: how to do it

The good news for all travellers is that security when buying tickets online today is at the highest level it has ever been. Therefore, you may have to deal with the term verification before you fly to your destination, where you may need to verify your identity to be able to add luggage/other products or to check-in online. This occurs especially with Ryanair. How to do it?

Ryanair verification via Pelican.travel is fast and free

The verification process only affects some passengers, who are informed in advance via email. So, what if it also affects you? No worries, if you have received an email from us informing you of the verification required, we at Pelican.travel will be happy to guide you through the verification and help you with the whole process. Free of charge, of course. Just reply to the above mentioned email.

And why is buying tickets via Pelican.travel better than directly on the airline’s website?

  • We will filter out unneeded emails and handle everything you need for you
  • Verification is no obstacle, you can do it in a few simple steps and if not, we will help you with it and guide you through
  • You can get verification with your booking even if you buy your ticket directly from Ryanair – but they won’t help you with it

Difference between verifications

Standard verification – the process takes up to 7 days, but is free of charge. Your signature is verified against the signature and details on your travel document (ID card).

Express verification – the process takes a few minutes and verifies the biometrics with the data (photo) on the travel document (ID card), it is charged 0,59€, which must be paid before the verification itself (then you have 5 attempts for verification).

What happens if you don’t complete the verification?

In this case, the passenger will have to check in at the airport and Ryanair will charge a non-refundable check-in fee (according to the current price list, or approximately €55 per passenger per direction). It is therefore important to complete the check-in process in advance – but only if your booking requires it.

Is verification secure?

A copy of your documents is used by Ryanair for the only purpose of completing identity verification on your behalf, in accordance with the airline’s privacy policy. Ryanair itself mentions on its website that data verification is fully GDPR compliant and all data is used solely for the acts necessary for the booking process and only for the duration of the verification process.

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