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Milan is more than designer boutiques. Enjoy Italian cuisine, history or football besides shop sales

A city where the best of the world of design and fashion meets and a place that has much more to offer. This is how Milan is characterized. Whether you love shop sales, famous Italian cuisine, European history and art, or are a football fan.

What should you do, see and experience in Milan?

Undoubtedly, it is a great destination for shopping enthusiasts as there are several shopping streets here. It offers history, beautiful buildings and Italian streets. Perhaps the most important building associated with Milan is the Gothic Duomo, which stands in a square with tourists. You will be enchanted by him not only from the square but also from the roof. Beautiful architecture, pleasant views, in short, beauty. And even more quiet, there are significantly fewer people upstairs than downstairs.

Directly behind the Duomo is the Viktor Emanuel Gallery. It connects several passages in which there are many shops of world brands, luxury restaurants, cafes, but also many tourists and locals. The passage is beautiful with its glass dome giving it an interesting atmosphere. Did you know that the interior is decorated with mosaics symbolizing Italian cities?

The second most populous city in Italy offers many parks, quality education at its universities, excellent hotels but also great restaurants. If you think that shopping only attracts millionaires, you are wrong, in Milan you can buy many things and you don’t have to spend thousands of euros. For example, start hunting on Via Montenapoleone.

What is the best time to travel?

Milan is a year-round destination, although the peak travel season is from June to September. We do not recommend visiting when it is ‘occupied’ by many tourists. It’s especially nice in spring and autumn, when prices in the city are cheaper.

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