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Summer Travel Tips: Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Summer Travel Tips: Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Italy is not just superb food and fascinating history; it is also hundreds of kilometres of beautiful coastline. To pick just ten of the best beaches seems like an impossible task, though one can but try. The following is our pick of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Italy.

1. Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

When you visit Sardinia, the locals will welcome you with the words: You have just arrived at the most beautiful place in the world. You might think that anyone could say that. And it is true, they can. Yet when you feel the Costa Smeralda’s white sand between your toes, you will have a hard job denying the locals. 

2. Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa

Is this the first time you have heard of the island of Lampedusa? No worries, but do remember it. There is an amazing beach that you can only get to after negotiating a challenging path leading through rocky outcrops and thick lush vegetation.  

3. Cala Granara, Sardinia

Although this beach is not surrounded by imposing cliffs like many other Italian beaches, the colour of the water is just pure azure. An excellent place for snorkelling.

4. Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

As the name hints, access to this beach is via the so-called “Turkish Staircase”. Walk down and you will be rewarded – azure sea, bronze sand and white cliffs. Simply breathtaking!

5. Chiaia di Luna, Ponza

This is one of the most unusual Italian beaches and cannot be left out of our top 10. It has formed naturally in a half-moon shape, hence the name. It is dominated by impressive tall cliffs.

6. Cala Goloritze, Sardinia

Cala Goloritze is one of the most popular beaches in Italy. It is therefore no coincidence that this beach can be found in Sardinia, right? Its limestone cliffs and snow-white sand have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

7. Cala Mariolu, Sardinia

A soon as your body hits the water, you will feel the magic of this place. You will be surrounded by shoals of small inquisitive fish in crystal clear water. Need we say more?

8. Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle, Ancona

The only access to this beach is by boat from Porto Numana. The snow-white pebbles of this beach blend in beautifully with the emerald green of the Adriatic Sea. But the cliffs are simply stunning!

9. La Pelosa, Sardinia

Just about any view of this beach would make a wonderful postcard, so say the tourists who have visited the La Pelosa beach in Sardinia. We can only add that this is the fifth Sardinian beach in our Top 10!

10. Amalfi, Salerno

The most beautiful part of this beach lies between the towns of Amalfi and Positano.  You will just love the jagged cliffs, unique microflora and picturesque houses. It would be a sin to miss out on this place!

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