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7 Reasons to Go on Holiday to the Magical Island of Ischia

7 Reasons to Go on Holiday to the Magical Island of Ischia

Ischia – a magnificent volcanic island located in the Gulf of Naples, about 30 km from the Italian mainland. The dream destination of spa lovers and enthusiasts of Mediterranean holidays, a destination only a few hours by plane from our country. Have you not heard about it yet? Read our tips on why holidaying on Ischia is well worth it and how much it will cost (don’t miss our GREAT DEALS on holiday packages, see below ;). We were bowled over by the island’s lovely Mediterranean weather, lush vegetation which stays green all year round, the healing powers of the local thermal mineral springs, the crystal-clear sea and also the hospitality of the friendly locals. Plus, we must definitely recommend the excellent Czech holiday rep whose super tips will move your holiday experience to a whole new level.

A union loved by many: Sea and mountains

Ischia is predominantly a rocky island (the highest peak is Mount Epomeo at 789 metres) with countless remnants of a once larger volcanic complex. Despite being the second largest island in the Gulf of Naples, it is only 10 km long and 7 km wide. Legend tells us that during the war with the Cyclopes, Zeus battled the Cyclopes ruler Typhon and threw a volcanic mountain at him, pinning him to the bottom of the sea. Typhon tried to fight back but his efforts were futile and his hot tears of rage became the island’s thermal springs.

Some like it in Piešťany, some on Ischia

The volcanic origins of the island are manifested in many forms, from hot steam rising from the natural springs to wild saunas and blazing hot sands. There are over 100 thermal springs on the island, with temperatures reaching 40°C. Tourists can particularly enjoy the mud baths using local volcanic clay which is mixed with thermal water and left to mature in tanks for 8 months. The springs are used to help treat rheumatism, gynaecological problems, bronchitis, asthma, skin disorders and they are invaluable for physiotherapy.

Have you taken a dip in Poseidon Gardens?

On Ischia, you can find more than 150 hot springs with healing waters, revered even by the ancient Greeks, who settled on the island a long time ago. The springs are still used today – in spas, hotels and open-air thermal parks that are the pride and joy of the island. Also, the healing water has found its use in the manufacture of cosmetics and as a source of heating. The Poseidon Gardens are situated right by the sea in the western part of the island. Here, you will find 22 thermal spring pools (28°C – 40°C), a seawater pool, special pools for children, several Kneipp pools and a Japanese pool. Other popular thermal parks are the Negombo Park with 13 pools, a seawater thermal pool and Turkish baths, and the Castiglione Park, famous for its alkaline-bicarbonate waters. No idea what it means? Don’t worry, we had to read up on it too. In short, this water is great for treating musculoskeletal disorders. Worth visiting are also the Aphrodite Apollon Gardens and the Tropical Park.

Divine food wherever you look

You will, of course, be spoilt for choice with seafood – sardines, octopus, squid, prawns, cod and haddock, lobsters or sea urchins. You should also definitely try the anchovies (alici), spaghetti with clams (vongole) or the traditional rabbit stew (Coniglio all Caccia). And if you fancy something sweet, pop into any of the many bakeries to indulge in a Baba – a light cake filled with whipped cream, pastry cream or lemon liqueur.

Fly to Naples in comfort

The standard journey to Naples on the Italian mainland is by plane departing from Vienna or Budapest. Then, you will travel to the island by ferry (90 minutes) or hydrofoil (50-60 minutes). The price for the crossing is included in the package. From the port, a transfer will take you to wherever you are staying, also part of your package deal.    

Pelikan-friendly Hotels

Our holiday experts have negotiated the perfect Pelikan holiday packages with some of the local hotels – your package includes flights, hotel and the services of a Czech rep. He or she will hold a welcome meeting where you will be able to get additional details about any optional trips. Our best ever offer is the October special – 3-star Hotel Aragonese, incl. flights, half board and transfer for EUR 289!

A wide range of optional trips

When deciding where to go on a trip, you will be spoilt for choice on Ischia. The trips can be purchased there and then and you can enjoy having a Czech-speaking guide. Here is our selection of the best trips: A bus tour around the island. This half-day trip will take you to all the famous beauty spots with marvellous views that you would struggle to find otherwise.

The mythical island of Capri: A day trip to the fascinating and romantic isle of Capri, an island covering an area of just eleven square kilometres.

The Amalfi Coast by bus: A day trip to the small picturesque town of Positano, nestled amongst beautiful hills on the coast. Positano is famous for its unique fashion and numerous cultural events. 

Pompeii & Vesuvius: A day trip including a walk up Mount Vesuvius with an option to see the crater.

Visiting the wine cellars: A half-day trip discovering the ancient traditions of wine making and the joys of Ischia cuisine.

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