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6 things you should experience in Mauritius

Do you know what a holiday on the island of Mauritius looks like? Yes, the beaches, the sun, the drinks… But besides these classic leisure activities, we have a few other ideas of what to do there and why you will fall in love with this place. According to the writer Mark Twain, heaven is just a copy of Mauritius. We don’t want to convince you of its truth because we believe that after reading this article you will be motivated enough to visit the island.

Beautiful miracles

Sitting in the calm breeze and sipping local coffee or premium rum is not the only reason why you should visit the mountaine village of Chamarel. Local inhabitants (of which there are only 700) are rightly proud of the mysterious natural phenomenon they call the seven Colored Earths. After looking at the dunes of different magical colors caused by the volcanic activity, your phone will freeze at least three times due to the making pictures. Why are they mysterious? Primarily because of their unique appearance, but also because they can withstand tropical storms and don’t seem to erode at all. There is also a waterfall nearby that is very popular among tourists.

Chamarel is also the western gateway to Black River Gorges National Park, found on most tourist routes.

Diverse island

Have you ever seen a 30 cm long lizard able to climb on you and taste your snack? You may encounter it when visiting the popular ecotourism island of Île aux Aigrettes, located near the coast (not far from Pointe d’Esna and Blue Bay). This nature reserve preserves very rare coastal forests and provides sanctuary to a variety of endemic and endangered species such as the pink pigeon, giant Aldabra tortoise, wild orchids, etc. Visits are only by guided tour possible, so we probably don’t need to explain how great the flora and fauna of this place is.

Adrenaline with BBQ sauce

Do you like exciting activities and food? You can combine these two things on the island of Ile aux Cerfs in an excursion package sold under the name Budget Day Package. It includes everything you would expect from a seaside holiday – an exciting cruise, BBQ-style lunch and relaxation overlooking the azure lagoons and white sands. A speedboat “ride” takes you to the Grand River South East Falls. Do you think nothing special? We must add that this package also includes parasailing, tubing, scuba diving or a ride on a (water) banana. So now you can train your vocal cords. And maybe a little stomach.

And let’s not forget: it will also be an aesthetic experience, because the inhabitants of Mauritius have the Ile aux Cerfs as one of their treasures.

Dirty charm

Visiting the Central Market in Port Louis (the capital) gives you a more authentic picture of life in this country. The smell of medicinal herbs, negotiation talks not only from locals but also from tourists, local handicrafts, … Don’t forget to buy magnets and eat at one of the food stalls. Otherwise the market has existed since the Victorian era and is therefore a legacy of the British government.

Antistress island of Rodrigues

Slightly isolated from Mauritius, the volcanic island of Rodrigues lives its own life. Surrounded by a huge turquoise lagoon, it’s such a little mountain gem that’s often referred to as “Mauritius 25 years ago.” A beautiful place with peach-colored sand and a slow pace of life. Even the cuisine has its own, very different taste. The food is typically prepared with Indian spices and fresh local ingredients with influences from Chinese, French and African cuisines. The taste on Rodrigues Island is very different – less spicy but with fresh fruit and beans.

Witch of the south

On a visit to Le Souffleur on the unspoilt south coast, you will encounter the witch Gris Gris, for example, or one of the most beautiful “natural bridges” in the world – sculptures created by the sea itself. Otherwise, Mauritius reflects that nature is not only strong, but in some places has greater artistic talent than man.

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