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Explore a unique phenomenon in Mauritius: underwater waterfall

When you think of Mauritius, magical images of idyllic beaches and turquoise sea immediately spring to your mind. But have you ever heard of an underwater waterfall? The enchanting underwater waterfall on the south-west coast of Mauritius is a tropical paradise. Many people dream of seeing this majestic landscape. The crystal clear water and the colourful aquatic life below will take your breathe away.

Underwater waterfall explained

What is the secret of this breathtaking view? While it appears as though there’s a waterfall cascading into the ocean depths, it’s actually a result of sand and silt being washed away by ocean currents, creating the optical illusion of a waterfall. This is how this fascinating image of an underwater waterfall is created in our eyes. This phenomenon is located off the southwestern coast of Mauritius, near Le Morne Brabant.

Underwater waterfall scubadiving

Diving in this area can be a memorable experience due to the clear waters and unique underwater landscape. However, it’s important to note that diving near the underwater waterfall illusion may not be feasible or advisable, as the currents in the area can be strong and unpredictable, posing risks to divers. Additionally, the depth and conditions of the dive site may require advanced diving skills.

If you’re an experienced scuba diver (with proper training -in drift diving and managing strong currents-), you may be able to explore this area under the guidance of a reputable dive operator who is familiar with the local conditions. Advanced certification and experience in deep diving are typically recommended for diving in this location.

Can you swim in the underwater waterfall?

The underwater waterfall is a breathtaking natural phenomenon that attracts adventurous travellers from far and wide. But the question is: Is it dangerous to swim in the Mauritius Underwater Falls?

Swimming in the area where the underwater waterfall illusion occurs in Mauritius is not recommended. While the underwater waterfall is a visually stunning phenomenon caused by sand and silt deposits shifting off the coast, the area is known for strong currents and rough waters. Attempting to swim in such conditions can be extremely dangerous, even for experienced swimmers. It’s advisable to admire the underwater waterfall from a safe distance, such as viewing it from the peak of Le Morne Brabant, from a boat or helicopter, rather than risking your safety by attempting to swim in the area. Always prioritize safety when exploring natural phenomena.

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