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Mexico and 5 tips for a romantic holiday

Experience a romantic holiday full of exotic adventures. Here are 5 tips for the most romantic places in eastern Mexico for adventurers and hedonists.

1. Tulum – city of rythm and tasty flavors

Forget the crowded beaches of Cancun and head to a town full of rhythms, flavors and history. Thanks to its great location near the airport, Tulum is an ideal starting point for excursions in the area.

Tips for spending a romantic stay in Tulum

Don’t waste time on transport solutions and rent bikes! Romance on wheels is a fashionable hit in Tulum, so you can explore lesser known places, save on taxis and enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility. In addition, rentals in Tulum are cheap and can be found on every corner.

Head to the hotel’s Tulum and admire the imaginative architecture of the local places. Enjoy a refreshing drink on the swing at Matcha Mama and treat yourself to ice cream at the stylish I Scream minivan.

Take a picture at the majestic Ven a La Luz carving, located in front of the Ahau Tulum. Daniel Popper’s work symbolizes the connection with nature and will fascinate every fan of Moan’s cartoon.

Head to one of the local cenotes and refresh yourself after a hot day at the beach. The most famous cenotes in the area are the Grand Cenote and the Calavera Cenote, but locals also like the less crowded Casa and Azul Caves.

Whether you are looking for a holiday in a luxury resort or looking for a secret beach that only locals know, thereˈs something for everyone in Tulum. Very popular is Playa Paraiso, for calmer souls we recommend a romantic sunset from Playa Ruinas or Las Palmas.

2. Sian Kaʼan – the untamed wilderness

Rent a car for the day and head to the Sian Kaʼan Magical Nature Reserve. The protected area is located near Tulum and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get ready for a real exotic place, the hosts will serve you a fresh catch from the sea and take you on a dream cruise.

During the day in Sian Kaʼan you will enjoy snorkeling, bird watching, but also a longed-for relaxation with a coconut in hand. Sian Kaʼan means “gateway to heaven” in the Mayan language, it impresses all adventurous and romantic souls. During the trip you can see exotic animals, cougars, flamingos and crocodiles lurking in the bushes.

3. Cenotes – refreshment on every corner

The Yucatan boasts several natural phenomena. Cenotes are underground jaspers with clear rainwater. After a hot day at the beach there is nothing better than diving in the fresh cenotes. If you are not an adrenaline enthusiast, go and observe the Mexican flora and fauna.

During the walk you may meet a chameleon, a turtle or a racoon. The most photogenic are the centoes Ik Kil and Suytun, you can combine the tour with a visit to the pyramids of Chitzen Itza. If you want privacy, head to the smaller Escondido and Azul caves.

4. Mayan ruins and Chitzén Itza – in the footsteps of monuments

Are you fascinated by the history of Mayan civilization? Follow in the footsteps of the Maya and admire the world-famous UNESCO heritage sites. The Mayan ruins are located right in Tuluma on the popular Playa Ruinas beach. Therefore, combine a visit to the ruins with a romantic walk along the beach at sunset. The tour of the Chitzen Itza pyramids will take you at least half a day, it is ideal to combine a visit with refreshment in one of the cenotes.

After a hot day in the sun, there is nothing better than cooling in the icy water. One of the seven new wonders of the world is the most important building in Mexico, dating from the 6th century. Many tourist attractions await you in Chitzen Itza, so it is ideal to plan your visit in advance.

5. Holbox – a magical island full of romance

The icing on the cake is the less popular Holbox Island. The island on the north coast can be reached by air or boat. The second option is less expensive, but will take you more time. Holbox is the embodiment of romance. During the day you sway on the waves of the sea and in the evening you watch the flamingos at sunset.

The atmosphere of the island is relaxed, you do not have to worry about beach vendors or taxi importors, the main means of transport is tuktuk and only fresh fruit is sold on the beach instead of fake watches and bracelets.

At the end, we have a top attraction for romantics – night phytoplankton monitoring. The shining plankton is reflected at sea level, in order to see this beauty, you need to go to the darkest beaches of the island.

More tips not to forget during your vacation in Mexico

Watch out for road fraudsters, Mexico is known for its hustlers, so check the price with your taxi driver before get in. They can also deceive you at the airport, so arrange a transfer on the carrier’s official website or book a private pick-up.

Mexican cuisine is an attraction for every gourmet, fresh avocado-sized mangoes, coriander and fragrant spices smelled in miles. Be careful, however, not every street food has gone through clean hands and it can easily cause stomach upset. How do you know you’ve chosen the right stand? Usually you will find at least two hotel neighbors, or a whole bunch of locals. ????

Exotic insects are also a scarecrow during a holiday in Mexico. No one wants to lie down in a hospital during vacation, so watch out for bigger bites, use repellent, and most importantly, don’t underestimate the symptoms of sting. If you are not sure, contact your local doctor immediately.

Last but not least, protect yourself from the harsh Mexican sun and apply a sunscreen with a higher factor on a regular basis. When visiting the Chitzen Itza pyramids, don’t forget to pack a hat or cap and donˈt forget to drink plenty of fluids.

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