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What is a must-see in New York? We recommend you these activities

We’ve criss-crossed the United States and New York remains our number one destination. We are not big city lovers, on the contrary, we prefer to go out into nature. There is something magical about New York. You won’t understand that until you step into crowded Times Square or take a short walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. New York is a city with many faces. Luxurious restaurants, weird hot dog stands, gorgeous hotels and cozy little apartments, pompous entertainment, but you can also relax and have a picnic in Central Park. New York is everything you can imagine. We love New York and we think you’ll fall in love with it too. For those planning to visit this city, we have a few tips. We recommend places and activities that you should not miss as part of your transoceanic excursion. Of course you should also visit the Statue of Liberty, but this time we have something different for you.


Broadway is an infinite street that stretches from Columbus Circle to 179th Street. The famous Theater District is packed with the best that can be seen on the theater and musical scene. We usually miss events like this back home, but we never missed this experience on any of our visits to New York. It didn’t matter whether it was the world-famous performance of Le Misérables or a Christmas comedy. Maybe we’re naive, but we believe it doesn’t matter which performance you choose, everything is worth it. If you’re pondering whether to go to a play or not, the TodayTix website will make your life easier. There you can get last minute tickets at great prices. This website also works as an app that you can download for free on your phone in iTunes or GooglePlay. Your tickets are always available to you. Another little tip: with this app you can also find similar entertainment in other cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles or London.

Stand up comedy

Speaking of performances, there are other options. Especially if you like English and want to have fun. American stand-up comedies are a safe choice. Places like Comedy Cellar in Greewich Village guarantee great entertainment. There you can meet stars like Chris Roch or Jon Stewart. Booking in advance is a good idea, otherwise you wonˈt have a place. A note – sitting right in front of the stage isn’t for introverts. It can just happen that you become part of the show.

Letˈs play some ball!

New York Knicks. Do you want us to say anything else? Alright. The basketball team was founded in 1946 and is based in the megalomaniac Madison Square Garden Stadium. You don’t have to be an over-the-top basketball fanatic to love the game. I personally don’t know much about this sport, but the atmosphere was just out of this world. I was totally blown away. Everyone is cheering and you will too, that’s for sure! The price of the tickets is sometimes enormous, especially if you want good seats, but for sure you’ll enjoy the game even if you sit a little further. Prices usually start at $57 and end at $525. We guarantee you a 100% perfect experience. I’ve been living off him for four years.

Yankees vs. Meets

If you decide to complete this show, you face a serious choice. Yankees or Mets? Unfortunately we cannot give you any advice. Everyone likes something different. Local fans are divided into two groups and each has its arguments. Take your time and talk to them about it. They will be happy to convince you that their team is the right one. New York Yankees is a successful club, but Mets are not that good. It’s easy to see, even if you’re not familiar with this sport. At the prices of the tickets. Yankees tickets start at $136 while Mets start at $15. You do the math.

All that jazz!

But enough about sports. Jazz is on our program now. Jazz was born in New Orleans but just evolved in Harlem. Legends such as Louis Armstrong, James Brown and Miles David worked here and new genres such as swing or cool jazz were born here. In the 1920s and 1930s, it was an all-black neighborhood dominated by nightspots like the Cotton Club or the Apollo Theater. The famous jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald started her career at the Apollo Theater. This theater still works and you can experience its atmosphere and good music. From professionals to amateurs, each week showcasing their talent and competing for the $20,000 grand prize for the best discovery. Prices from $22 per person per night.

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